During the summer of 2014, thanks to an external growth operation ELITT opened a test service dedicated to digital identity that complements the 3 other services : Payment, Transportation and Healthcare.

ELITT can now participate in the development or validation of compliance of electronic passports, identity cards, driving licenses, ... with the ISO standards (24789, 10373, 18013, 14443 ..... see complete list) or ICAO requirements (ISO 18745).

As a third party, independent of any supplier of contactless products, ELITT, which is 17025 accredited laboratory*, offers a wide range of services around this fast-growing technology : compliance testing, technical assistance for the development and products interoperability testing.

More traditional tests are also conducted on these products by ELITT :  contactless stress tests in disturbed environments such as, for example, resistance to heat, moisture, X-rays, electrostatic discharge (ESD), magnetic fields, ...

Many industrials and governments around the world have already trusted us.

* : Scope available on COFRAC website, accreditation number 1-2093.