Newsletter #10 - July 2015


Number 10

July 2015




So where is OSCar ?

No need to prolong the suspense any longer if you were not aware about it, OSCar is now at nexo. Just as EPAS.Org and the CIR (EMV Common Implementation Recommendations) working group. Indeed, these three entities merged late 2014 to give birth to nexo.

Nexo’s main objectives? To provide the European market stakeholders of card payments the ISO 20022 open standards ensuring interoperability, innovation, security and universality. And to get them adopted by merchants, banks, industrial and domestic schemes by ensuring that the existing domestic solutions will migrate towards a single European solution.

Actively involved in these European projects since 2008, ELITT is 100% operational to support stakeholders willing to adopt the nexo standards:
- Training on EPAS, SEPA Fast standards and OSCar
- Consultancy on solution development (either POI or acquiring)
- Technical assistance on the development of solutions,
- Formal assessment of solutions for certification,
- Testing tools developed in partnership with GALITT

Ready to enjoy the benefits of the nexo standards with ELITT?

Jean-Pierre Dubord, COO




Welcome to ELITT training course !


Member of the OSCar (Open Standard for Cards) consortium since its launch, and with expertise on the concepts, principles and specifications related to these new international standards, ELITT launches a training course on EPAS / SEPA-FAST and OSCar.

Designed for CEOs, CFOs, project managers and development teams, this training course provides them the keys to a successful EPAS and/or SEPA-FAST project on acquisition and/or acceptance domains in the phases of design, implementation and deployment. It covers the following topics, each of which can be dealt independently:

  • The OSCar / SEPA-FAST / EPAS ecosystem
  • The reference specification
  • The implementation of transactions
  • The payment terminal configuration (TMS)
  • The security aspects
This modular 4-day course can be provided in the premises of ELITT (Caen) or hosted by customers.

Learn more about it




By targeting the new TLA accreditation,
ELITT intends to extend its offer of SESAM-Vitale testing services


A reference laboratory of GIE SESAM-Vitale since 2013, ELITT currently leads the prerequisite tests to get the authorization allowing it to evaluate solutions implementing the “applicative terminal-reader” (TLA) repository.

The TLA repository applies to all card readers with at least two slots following the SESAM-Vitale terminal-reader repository and already approved. It is applicable to solutions that create, load, unload and secure medical notes during visits by the health professional.

Thanks to this new referencing, ELITT will access a wider functional scope on the evaluation of health solutions and will be in a position to propose in the medium term a one-stop-shop for the entire SESAM Vitale. So software vendors and device manufacturers, who are confronted with increasingly and faster requests for changes, can now get an even faster response to their needs.



Durability card testing according to ANSI standard:
ELITT is operational


To answer some industrial requests for the North American market, ELITT has worked on the development of a cards durability testing service, according to the standard ANSI 322-2008 (American National Standards Institute).

Several tests are already operational, such as Corner Impact Test, Adhesion Crosshatch Tape Test, Surface Abrasion, Magnetic Stripe Abrasion or ID-1 Card Flexure (to get a full test list, please contact :

Learn more about ANSI




The ELITT test methods are constantly evolving in response to specifications changes or field events. Make sure to talk with your project partners when booking your next assistance or evaluation slots in order to better target test sessions.


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